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"ooh shiny!", alpine carving, animaniacs, anti-smoking, being a bad influence, being an instigator, being anonymous, bicycling, blinky shiny leds, blue man group, board games, bocce ball, bouldering, buddha bar, burning man, camping, card games, cat fostering, catan, centeredness, cerebral voyeurism, chainmail, challenges, childfree, chosen families, circus contraption, cirque du soleil, collaborating, combat air hockey, coordinated hussy, corsets, costumes, crafts, creating experiences, creative costuming, cuddling, dangerous curves, daphne gottlieb, deirdre flint, designated control freak, dr seuss, enabling enjoyment, enneagram, exercise, exploring energy, extropy, fire dancing, fire spinning, fire staff, fireplay, flea markets, flirting, flux, gadgets, garlic, gaz, geek boys, geek girls, geekery, george rr martin, getting things done, giving good brain, good conversation, good food, good people, gustav klimt, hair dye, homebrew, honda hawk, honesty, hot tubs, hyperfocus, infornography, instigating, intentional community, intj, invader zim, joules graves, light spinning, long bike rides, magpie, malcolm gladwell, maleficent, massage, mead, meditation, michael parkes, motorcycles, moulin rouge, muppets, my costume closet, mystery, palm os, pda's, peoplewatching, personal aura device, peter gabriel, playfulness, pleasuredom, poi, porphyrophilia, port, power of "and", practical optimist, project management, psychology, puns, purple, quality of touch, quirkyalone, radical authenticity, rock band, rock climbing, rollerblading, sake, salt caramels, sapiosexuality, sarcasm, satire, sci fi, sensuality, set, sexy brains, sharing my skills, shiny things, shiny toys, ski cabins, smart people, snowboarding, sociology, specialized ruby expert, spicy food, spinning light, sunsets, sustainable hedonism, terrorist uno, the house jacks, things that go fast, thrift stores, thunderstorms, touch response, twitterpation, un-drama, vertical puzzle solving, violaceous, webos, weissbier, wittiness, working out, yoga
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