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For those About to Rock...

Copying directly from [ profile] nancyblue, because she said it so eloquently:

"In that spirit, [ profile] roadriverrail, [ profile] dixiemouse, [ profile] girlpurple, I, and a couple of others have declared 2010 "Year of the Rock Star".This isn't a project just about meeting goals and having accomplishments, it's about embracing our shiny and our fearlessness,being powerful and visible. It's also about dreaming big and living large, because if not now, when? It's also a project about image and glamour, which are important tools in one's arsenal. ... ALSO, let's continue to Reclaim LJ as a place of genuinely sharing ourselves. Let's write, connect and support each other."

Yeah, that.

My list of goals will be posted soon, along with backing information about why I've chosen them / what they signify to me.
But first, it's time for a bit of housekeeping in support of Reclaiming LJ and making this a more personal, genuine space for sharing and honestly connecting.

Friends list purge will start after this post. Lurkers and those "tidied" who wish to remain, feel free to leave a comment here and I'll likely add you back. I expect the majority of people I remove to be the folks who haven't posted in awhile, or people I only vaguely know.

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I really like this. I want to play! (Also, please don't purge me!)

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The more the merrier, you should totally play! What does Year of the RockStar mean to you? Bet there's something to do with derbygirls in it... :-)

Would love to hear more about good places you find in Fremont for skating. Lake Elizabeth is the obvious but crowded choice, and I'd love to find more parking lots or paths that would be conducive to my inlines...

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That is a most excellent mission statement for 2010.

I think I shall have to adopt it!

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Join the band! :-) The more the merrier.

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What a fantastic-sounding project!

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I had an idea this morning along these lines.. will be sharing soon:)

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Rockstar!! I'm in.

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Hooray! That sounds like a fantastic goal. I love a good project.

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I like the reclaiming lj meme.

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I echo others. Rock stars unite!

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Please keep me... I like you and like reading your posts even if I'm not the world's best LJ poster or commenter ;).


P.S. I like the reclaim-LJ idea and might post more too--the one thing that'd definitely keep me from actually doing it, though, is pressure (either from myself or others), so we'll see :)

P.P.S. yay glamor and shininess (I re-bought my 2 favorite raver pants in larger sizes recently and actually went dancing last night, zomg)!

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Definitely keeping you! Would love to hear more from your world if you feel inspired-but-not-pressured to reclaim.

Also... maybe invite me dancing with you sometime? I've been wanting to do it more and you seem to be very into your dancing nights. Not sure I'll have much style for the drum / beat stuff you seem to like, but yeah... wanna try.

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I am excited!! This thing has traction! Wheee!! I'm looking forward to your articulation of goals/projects. I will have to post mine too.

Love love love!

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I'd like to stay on your list if you don't mind. I LOVE the year of the Rockstar idea. I was kind of already thinking about it in my head before other people started talking about it. I'm also very into the reclaim-LJ. Its been too long and I always seem to feel better when I journal a bit...even if its a few words here and there.

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I still like to hear what you say, even if I don't post much myself.

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Sure. You've been untidied. :-)

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Yay! I look forward to reading more as the year unfolds.

...of course you've always been a Rockstar, ya know. ;-)

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Yes! Let's be shiny and pretty and so very, very very.

Remember that scheme about us going out dancing some time? Can we can we can we?

(Also, don't purge me please!)

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Yes yes yes on the dancing, please!
Talk schedule tomorrow night at SR? We're headed to Utah later in the month, so things are a bit crazy, but we should be able to find something.

Also, I wanna go try karaoke with you sometime.

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Yes, let's talk Monday! We'll come up with some kind of scheme. And karaoke would be made of awesome!

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I've been trying to post more. Can I re-lurk?

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Re-lurkified! :-)

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I've been feeling the need to post more and think this is a great way to inspire one another. May I re-lurk?

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Re-lurk...please? I'm feeling the need to tap my inner rock star these days. Hopefully, this will help!

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you were never un-lurked, dahling. :-)

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Sweet...does this mean I can flirt with you on-line?not as satisfying as in person, I grant you, but better than nothing.

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You had to ask? Really?
Of course you can. ;-)

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I'd love to stay around if you'll have me. :) I don't talk much on LJ but I'm still paying attention.

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WOW, what a great idea. Please leave me on your list.

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I think I fall into the 'vaguely know' category, but nonetheless I'd still like to renew my lurker's license.

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It's still valid!

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I think you also need shoes to go with the proclaimation ;)

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*SNORT* Sent you email about that... I wanted *your* shoes. :-) So I got them.

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If you'd like to keep me here, great. No worries, if not. I'm still reading at times and am trying to find my way back to writing again.

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I would like to stay on your list :)

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Please do keep me on if you feel willing. Yeah, I haven't posted much of late, mostly because how many times can one say "life is awesome, my boys are awesome, my cats are awesome"? :)

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The year of the rock star is a super idea!

My theme for 2010 is to stop giving myself artificial boundaries ("get rid of can't") - but doesn't map well to how I state resolutions (fix this broken relationship which causes me lots of stress, fix that broken relationship where I am settling for too little, stop waiting for "later" to do the thing I have been wanting for years, etc).

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ooooh. rockstar sounds like a good plan!

please let me stay and lurk, pleeease?

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I am poking at the concept of returning to LJ again, & love the concept of being powerful & visible, so please keep me on.

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Hi! We met yesterday at a wedding and were introduced in part because someone described me by saying I was a lot like you. Clearly this means we are fated to get to know each other! :-D