This post is mostly for [ profile] dixiemouse and the purpose of pimpin' kittins, but hey, kittens! Who couldn't use a dose of purry feline cuteness?

Here we have Mimi, Courtney, Coco, and Roger, in that order.

In order of adoptability:

1. Roger is the big gray tuxedo boy. He has a HUGE purr motor and a high play drive. He's ready to be adopted into a forever home where he can jump and play for hours on end. Roger has this *adorable* habit of cocking his head to one side when he's listening to you.

2. Coco is an unusual gray/rose tortie. She's still a bit people-shy, but is coming out of her shell nicely. She and Roger have been shown at their local vet and are dealing well with the hubbub there.

3. Mimi's long coat is silky soft and the gray smudge on her nose is adorable. She's learning about purring and playing; she'll be living in my office for the next couple week and should be ready for her forever home by early January.

4. Courtney's the shy girl in the gorgeous silver/grey coat. You'll find her tucking her nose into elbow crooks and hiding her face whenever possible. Of the four, she needs the most work - her current "I am so passive I'm a limp noodle in your lap" isn't really appropriate for a young kitten.

More pictures in the Picasa album here...
If you know anyone who's looking for a lovely cat, please send them my way. We've got a range of colors and sizes to choose from!

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It's so cool of you to do all this for these kitties. I wish I could take one, but my hands are full with Lily and Orange already. I've actually been thinking about finding another home for Orange since she's 3 and full of energy and likes people, but doesn't like Lily. I think she (Orange) just wants to play, but Lily is 15 and runs away whenever Orange launches at her. This always triggers the "it's running away and therefore I must kill it" instinct in Orange and much hissing and swatting ensues. Too bad there isn't a Cat Whisperer or maybe I could get the 3 of us on TV :)
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OMG, Courtney looks like the sweetest kitty ever! Of course she also looks a lot like Potter...

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It was great to meet you last night! Hope you don't mind me adding you, you seem like a fascinating person. (And not just for your employee discounts! ;))

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Hey there - I checked in with a few people here and sadly the discounts for not-a-new-customer aren't that great currently (Cost about $370!!). So you're likely better off waiting to see if you can qualify for a handset upgrade or something. Sorry I couldn't be of more help - hope to see you again soon at one of the social gatherings.


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Aw, that's too bad, but I was kind of thinking that might be the case. Thanks so much for checking, though! And I look forward to chatting again soon. :)

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Hi! Great to see you at the party last weekend; thanks for having me, and for the NSAIDs. Your kitten is adorable! :)