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Need a Bike for Burning Man?

Just in case anyone headed for Black Rock City is looking for a bike... I posted this ad for our shiny holographic mountain bikes to craigslist today:

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I'll take the bikes! Julie will take the girls' and I'll take the guys'. (or perhaps we'll switch. :-)

(that was easy)


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Dude... and just like that, they're gone... (and to a good home! Yay!)

I'll send you email to work out the details for pickup.


Re: Hooray!

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Yay! I was sitting here thinking... "First post! First post!" I've never been a first poster before, but this time the benefits were very tangible. It will likely take me two car trips to pick up both bikes, unless I'm really lucky with spatial reasoning and my small car trunk.

Re: Hooray!

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It will likely take me two car trips to pick up both bikes,

Unless I hand you the trunk mounted universal bike rack that I've got sitting in the garage that I've been trying to get rid of forever, but which seems to keep coming back to me (twice now, I thought it was gone, but no!). :-)

Are you on IM? We could arrange bike pickup: GirlPurpleY on Y! or GirlPurpleA on AIM.

Re: Hooray!

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Oooh. Bike rack. Email is best as I don't really use IM anymore. I'll contact you there. thanks!

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I love the bikes! Thanks!

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You're welcome! I'm glad they're going back to the desert.